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Wayne Fueling Systems Installs the Fusion™ Site Automation Server with MEDCO

  • Mediterranean Oil Shipping & Transport Company and Phoenica Oil Company installs over 160 Wayne Fusion™ site automation servers in the Middle East

Austin, Texas USA – January 12, 2015 - Wayne Fueling Systems, a global provider of fuel dispensing, payment, automation, and control technologies for retail and commercial fuel stations, announces the installation of Wayne Fusion™ site automation servers in the Middle East.  Mediterranean Oil Shipping & Transport Company (MEDCO) and Phoenica Oil Company have agreed to install over 160 Fusion forecourt systems at 200 of their fueling stations in Lebanon during 2015 as part of their site technology rollout.


"Our relationship with Wayne Fueling Systems has lasted more than four decades," states Maroun N. Chammas, Vice Chairman and General Manager at MEDCO.  "The technology and innovations from Wayne have helped us differentiate ourselves in Lebanon and the Levant, but more importantly have helped us meet the needs of our customers and have provided a unique, safe, and secure customer experience at a full-service station – not only now but in preparing them for the future as well."


The installation of the Fusion site automation server allows MEDCO and Phoenicia fuel sites to integrate their dispensers with several software solutions supporting a variety of secure payment options, self-service and full-service operations, and forecourt management.  The primary advantage of moving to the Fusion system enables MEDCO and Phoenicia to quickly implement various secure payment methods, as well as the ability to for the sites to use wireless tablet devices for payment transactions – both a unique and fresh approach in the industry without the customer leaving the car.


"The scalability and flexibility of the Fusion site automation server architecture allows customers like MEDCO and Phoenicia to implement payment compliance and transaction security with a variety of back-office systems, regardless of manufacturer," states Salie Parker, Sales Manager, Wayne Fueling Systems.  "MEDCO and Phoenicia can help to lower their total cost of ownership of the fuel retail locations using this reliable technology."


In addition, this innovative solution helps to automate MEDCO's and Phoenicia's fueling process for customers.  The Liters Plus Propeller fuel management system, developed by MEDCO after substantial research and testing, is a fully integrated system working with the Fusion solution to control and document the amount of fuel requested from the fuel dispenser into the vehicle without manual intervention.  The program is also available at Phoenicia outlets.  The Fusion system also helps to aggregate site data for customized and detailed fuel-management reports.


"In addition to providing convenience for our customers with payment transactions using our tablets, we are also committed to providing better customer service for fleet and company vehicles with the Fusion automation platform and vehicle-identification solutions," states Chammas.  "Using Wayne's technology, we are now working with one of the largest fleet operators in our region to help manage their fuel consumption and improve operational efficiencies."


MEDCO is the first national importer and distributor of quality, all-refined petroleum products based in Beirut, Lebanon. It has stations under the brand name of MEDCO and Phoenicia.  The mission of the privately-held family business of more than 105 years is to fuel the region with innovation and customer-oriented, value-added services.


About Wayne Fueling Systems

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