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Wayne Fueling Systems Installs Automation Site Server with Raizen and Ecofrotas in Brazil

  • Raizen and Ecofrotas use the Wayne Fusion™ site automation server for fast deployment of fleet services and programs regardless of the make of point-of-sale systems and forecourt controllers.

Austin, Texas USA – November 26, 2014 - Wayne Fueling Systems, a global provider of fuel dispensing, payment, automation, and control technologies for retail and commercial fuel stations, announces the installation of Wayne Fusion™ site automation servers in Brazil. Raizen, one of the largest sustainable energy companies in the world, along with Ecofrotas, leader of fleet management in Brazil, has installed over 250 Fusion systems throughout its retail network, with plans to install another 150 units by 2015.

“Raizen is focused on simplifying the technology at the fuel site to increase efficiency,” states Daniel Tobal, Director Systems and Payment Solutions, Wayne Fueling Systems. “The implementation of the Fusion site automation servers helps to create a common solution for all of their sites and offers a seamless integration between dispensers, the point-of-sale systems, and the central application interface. This solution allows fleet managers to have better control over fuel consumption and help increase business to the fuel sites.”

The Fusion system serves as the point of integration for Expers Fleet Management Program, the intelligent system for the management and control of transportation fleets and their fuel consumption. Expers was created jointly between Raízen and Ecofrotas, a leader in supply management and maintenance of fleet with the largest customer base, administered vehicle and coverage positions in the country. Wayne’s site automation server allows Raizen to deploy the shared solution across their sites quickly and efficiently, regardless of the hundreds of manufacturers of point-of-sale systems or forecourt controllers.

“Since implementation, Raizen has already seen the value of having the Fusion system at its sites,” states Rodrigo Barbosa, Expers Marketing Coordinator, Raizen. “The Expers Fleet Management Program achieved the target sales levels of diesel volumes much faster than expected. This success helped to increase the awareness and recognition of the Expers program, as well as permitted a faster payback for the investment.”

Raízen, licensee of the Shell brand in Brazil, annually produces more than 2 billion liters of Ethanol, 4,5 million tons of sugar and installed capacity of 900 MW of electric energy from sugar cane bagasse. In addition to their production of fuels, they boast over 5,200 service stations for retail fuel distribution, over 900 convenience stores, 60 fuel distribution depots and aviation fuel business in 58 airports. And as part of their fleet management program, Ecofrotas manages 750,000 vehicles, 13,500 client companies, 16,000 fuel stations, 12,000 mechanic workshops, and over 400,000 trained drivers.

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