Protect your business with a complete EMV Solution — inside and out.

Wayne Fueling Systems EMV Solutions
The transition to Europay, MasterCard, Visa (EMV) standards:

Significantly reduce your risk of payment card fraud.

The fuel industry is undergoing some major retail changes. North American banks and credit card issuers are officially transitioning to EMV global standards in order to help reduce counterfeit payment card fraud. The increased protection that EMV provides has allowed payment networks to shift liability of counterfeit payment card fraud to retailers that don’t implement EMV. Wayne EMV Solutions are engineered to make your transition to EMV as easy and cost-effective as possible, with solutions that provide value far beyond meeting EMV compliance. With Wayne EMV Solutions, you can maintain a low cost of ownership, protect your investment, and grow your business well into the future — all while helping prevent major financial losses.

What you need to know:

  • EMV is the global standard created by EuroPay, MasterCard, and Visa to securely authenticate credit and debit card transactions.
  • According to Convenience Store News, fuel retailers lost more than $250 million to credit and debit card fraud in 2014.
  • EMV helps reduce counterfeit payment card fraud.
  • To be compliant with payment network EMV requirements, fuel retailers are encouraged to upgrade indoor POS software and hardware by October 2015, and outdoor pay-at-the-pump equipment by October 2017.
  • Implementing both indoor and outdoor EMV technology by their respective deadlines will help minimize disruption, defer costs, and reduce site downtime.
Path to EMV Compliance - Wayne Fueling Systems
Path to EMV Compliance

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Make the transition to EMV easier with Wayne EMV Solutions.

Wayne Fueling Systems is your choice provider for implementing the improved security of EMV standards. Our complete Wayne EMV Solutions are dedicated to helping fuel retailers navigate the complexity of regulatory EMV changes and prepare for the counterfeit payment card fraud liability shift as easily and cost-effectively as possible.

Wayne’s one-provider solution offers a comprehensive line of indoor and outdoor hardware, software, and services; an expert team of distributors to assess areas of opportunity and provide the best course of action for the EMV transition; and a lower cost of ownership by building upon intelligent, future-proof technology.

The payment card fraud liability shift is quickly approaching, and Wayne can help make sure you’re ready. Work with Wayne EMV Solutions to implement EMV in a simple and cost-effective manner.

Move ahead with a complete EMV solution.

No matter your path to EMV compliance is, Wayne has your solution. Our distributors are trained to evaluate your site, assess your opportunities, and create a plan for implementing and deploying EMV as cost-effectively as possible.

We offer all of the robust indoor and outdoor software and hardware you’ll need to ensure a smooth transition, and we’ll provide continued support to help keep your business compliant and running with the latest technology for years to come.

Maintain a lower total cost of ownership.

When you purchase Wayne indoor and outdoor platforms today, you’ll be prepared for future EMV deadlines. Wayne platforms are EMV-ready with hardware and software configured to deploy new technology as it emerges, so you won’t have to make new equipment purchases as your business grows and regulations change.

Wayne’s indoor platform gives you the ability to choose components and third-party equipment for increased flexibility. With the Fusion site automation server, you can easily make payment upgrades without disrupting the POS, and you can add functions like ATG interface, mobile payment, remote management and diagnostics, media, and other features. By building upon a previous investment, the Wayne outdoor platform provides EMV compliance for a known and affordable cost. The modular outdoor platform is easy to upgrade without replacing the entire dispenser, helping you prevent lost revenue from disruptions caused by “ripping and replacing” hardware.

The Wayne Connect network solution allows you to use existing site wiring to enable EMV-ready devices on the forecourt and upgrade media and services remotely without downtime.

  • Requires fewer additional products to help reduce upgrade costs.
  • Gives you the ability to choose components and third-party equipment for increased flexibility.
  • Employs hardware and software configured to easily implement and deploy emerging technology as your business needs and regulations change.
  • Allows for remote upgrades to reduce site disruption and downtime.
  • Provides EMV compliance for a known and affordable cost.
  • Allows you to enable EMV-ready devices and media remotely without downtime.

Keep growing your business with Wayne EMV Solutions.

Wayne products are configured to adapt to evolving fueling industry needs and regulations. Our indoor software and devices are built to support new regulations and emerging industry needs. Plus, the outdoor platform easily adapts to emerging technology without “ripping and replacing” expensive equipment. With Wayne’s total EMV Solution, you will be in compliance and fully prepared for what the future brings.

  • Open architecture allows for simple “plug and play” upgrades.
  • Supports the latest EMV protocols for a smooth, cost-effective transition to compliance.
  • Features modular payment hardware to minimize disruptions caused by “ripping and replacing” equipment.
  • Allows you to quickly and easily add emerging technology, like media, mobile payment capabilities, and loyalty programs.

Build your system on proven technology.

The Wayne Fusion site automation server enables EMV transaction security and electronic payments indoors. Plus, the Wayne iX Pay secure payment platform allows for a smooth transition to EMV due to simple, cost-effective upgrades via a la carte reader kits. Conversion to EMV may also be as simple as replacing the existing mag-stripe reader with a hybrid chip reader and completing an application software update whenever your POS and network are ready.

  • The Fusion site automation server enables EMV transaction security and electronic payment.
  • Includes iX Pay secure payment platform that enables you to make a smooth transition to EMV.
  • Has been proven in Wayne dispensers deployed in Canada, Europe, and Asia.

Protect your investment for the long run.

With Wayne EMV Solutions platforms, you can purchase today and build upon your investment for future upgrades and services. Both indoor and outdoor platforms are EMV-ready, making it fast and easy to become compliant with changing regulations. Plus, you can manage, diagnose, and deploy upgrades remotely, reducing downtime, and keeping costs predictable and affordable.

Indoor Platform:

  • Comes EMV-ready, allowing you to utilize a single investment for future upgrades and services.
  • Configured to support easy upgrades with the Fusion site automation server.
  • Gives you flexibility by allowing you to select components and third-party equipment.

Outdoor Platform:

  • Allows you to build on past investments to achieve EMV compliance.
  • Provides EMV compliance for a known, affordable cost.
  • Wayne Connect Network solution allows you to use existing site wires for TCP/IP connectivity to enable EMV-ready devices on the forecourt.
  • PCI PTS 3.0 certified and approved through 2020.
  • EMV-ready Wayne TAP Contactless/NFC option and upgrade handled via separate reader module.