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Wm Morrison Supermarkets Selects Dresser Wayne to Implement Vapour Recovery Stage II Program

EDINBURGH, UK (26 September 2007) – In a comprehensive agreement, Wm Morrison Supermarkets plc has selected Dresser Wayne to implement a Stage II Vapour Recovery (VRS II) program at each of its petrol filling stations. This is in order to meet the upcoming December 31, 2009 deadline for adherence to strict new air quality regulations and affects both newly constructed stores as well as upgrades to existing stations.

“There is a great deal at stake because compliance violations can be costly, but equally important is that Morrison leads the way in meeting air quality emissions standards and so upholds our responsibility to environmental quality issues, ” says Phil Maud, Director of Petrol Filling Stations for Wm Morrison. “We need a resource with longevity and experience in Stage II implementation. As a global industry leader with proven experience, the people and the innovation, Dresser Wayne was a natural choice to execute our VRS II upgrade program.”

Dresser Wayne has installed tens of thousands of VRS II solutions around the world. As a leading supplier to the UK for petrol station products and services, the company has a large team based in the UK to help implement VR Stage II. “We are delighted to be awarded this program and are already hard at work to implement 25 stations for Morrison by the end of 2007,” says Dresser Wayne Managing Director, UK & Ireland, Paul de la Port. “The program includes project management, supply and installation of fuel dispensers, and the related civil/electrical work at over 270 locations across the UK. We are committed to ensuring full compliance for Morrison by December 31, 2009.”

The Dresser Wayne Global Star™ dispenser will be the first product installed as part of the agreement. Apart from being equipped with full VR Stage II it also includes the latest technology - such as the Dresser Wayne Vapourgate™ VRS II monitoring and Xflo™ metering technology which virtually eliminates meter drift and the need to recalibrate. For stores that provide pay-at-the-pump functionality, Dresser Wayne has integrated htec’s HydraOPT, Chip ‘n Pin payment solution.

Dresser Wayne’s exceptional product upgradeability was another factor in Wm Morrison’s decision. “We want to employ systems that not only meet our needs today, but also have the potential to develop and evolve with the changing market,” states Mr. Maud.

Additionally, Wm Morrison plans to evaluate Dresser Wayne’s soon to be launched Global Ovation iX fuel dispenser that features innovative multimedia customer interaction and marketing functionality. “The relationship with Wm Morrison goes beyond simply a supplier and customer arrangement,” de la Port says. “It is a strategic partnership that will help bring the latest advances in retail fuelling technologies to the market.”

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