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Wayne to Showcase the Wayne Helix™ 6000 Fuel Dispenser at UNITI Expo.

  • Wayne’s latest addition to its premium dispenser family is now available for global users.

Stuttgart, Germany – June 2, 2014 - Wayne Fueling Systems, a global innovator of fuel dispensers and forecourt technologies, today announced the Wayne Helix™ 6000 dispenser will be on display at the UNITI Expo on June 3-5, 2014 in Stuttgart, Germany. The Helix 6000 dispenser, designed extensively for petroleum retailers in the Middle East, Africa, and Australia, encompasses the iconic profile of the Helix family of fuel dispensers. The Helix 6000 dispenser also drives the progression of forecourt fueling for retailers and motorists worldwide, emphasizing intelligent design, advanced technology, safety and security.

The Helix 6000 dispenser provides retailers superior scalability and functionality. It delivers up to five products, including alternative fuels, in a scalable framework that helps optimize the dispenser size and layout for a clean and inviting forecourt. All hoses, hidden within the hose handling cabinet, are gathered on one side to maintain an organized appearance with unobstructed user interface and high contrast displays.

"The Helix 6000 dispenser incorporates the scalability and innovative technology of the Helix dispenser family with a compact design. Wayne relied on its skilled team of engineers and feedback from retailers and their customers all over the world to create a unique fuel dispenser line to address the specific needs of users," said Lise-Lotte Nordholm, Wayne Product Manager, Dispenser and Hardware Solutions Europe. "The UNITI Expo is the ideal industry platform for Wayne to present a full suite of products available today for retailers to run their businesses efficiently.”

The UNITI Expo is a new international trade fair that specializes in areas related to the operation of service station networks for the retail petroleum, fuel logistics, car wash, and convenience retail sectors. Wayne has been instrumental in shaping the direction and focus of the UNITI Expo, relying on input from customers and industry personnel. The show will offer a comprehensive seminar program with key speakers from equipment suppliers and industry experts.

Other new products and updates from Wayne at the UNITI Expo include:

  • Dispensers – Wayne will showcase the entire Helix dispenser family, including the new Helix 1000 dispenser. Wayne will also display the Helix 2000 dispenser with a unique solution for unmanned sites as well as new configurations for the Helix 4000, 5000, and 6000 models.
  • Systems – Wayne will display the Wayne Fusion™ forecourt system with its enhanced hardware and software, Wayne ™ Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG), and various monitoring applications. Wayne Fusion™ provides visibility into the retail site from anywhere. The system seamlessly connects to various tank management systems and retail fuel dispensers, regardless of the fuel dispenser type or brand.
  • Payment – Wayne will exhibit its integrated and freestanding payment terminals designed for convenience, security and simplicity; providing motorists around the world with fast, easy, and convenient fuel transactions. The new Wayne freestanding terminal follows the same user-friendly design as the Helix family of fuel dispensers.
  • Advanced Services/Solutions – Wayne will also display a number of added-value offerings, including Automatic Vehicle Identification, Mobile Payment, Wayne iX Media™ platform, and Wayne iSense™ remote diagnostics.

About Wayne Fueling Systems

Wayne Fueling Systems is one of the world’s largest suppliers of fuel dispensers, payment terminals, forecourt control devices, point-of-sale and other measurement and control solutions to the retail and commercial fueling industry. Wayne has been at the forefront of innovation since it was founded in 1891 and is responsible for many of the breakthrough technologies that have transformed fuel retailing. Through a global network of distributors and service partners, Wayne products are sold and supported in over 140 countries around the world. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Wayne also has major design and assembly operations in Sweden, Brazil and China.