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Wayne Ovation LX, The Ovation, Only Better

AUSTIN, Texas, May 17, 2005 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Dresser Wayne, Dresser, Inc. today announced another advancement in fuel dispenser technology, The Ovation iX. “The latest addition to the popular Ovation dispenser product line, the Ovation iX includes a set of innovative technology specifically designed to reduce the costs of operating a retail fueling station in today's challenging environment,” said Paul de la Port, Director of Marketing at Dresser Wayne.

The Ovation iX addresses what has become a fact of life in today's environment -- meter drift and calibration. The Xflo Meter features significant advancements in metering technology. It has been tested over the last four years, not just in the lab, but at live sites. These tests revealed that it vastly improves accuracy with respect to meter drift and essentially eliminates the need to recalibrate.

“Built on Tokheim Metering technology, the precision and accuracy of the Xflo Meter is one of the exciting advancements to our popular Ovation dispenser. The performance of this meter exceeded even our expectations during standard and extended field tests,” said Scott Negley, Director of Dispenser Products for Dresser Wayne.

“With over 3,000 units installed, the results are conclusive. While normal life testing generally requires dispensing 3 million gallons of fuel, we tested the Xflo in the lab continuously over two years with a remarkable twelve million gallons with the same results. We've even tested this meter with dirt, and over lots of fuel viscosities,” Mr. Negley added.

Site fuel savings from improved meter performance could total more than $6,000 per year depending on gasoline sales volume. Additionally, retailers will realize significant savings related to ongoing recalibration of equipment.

The Ovation iX also has the most advanced set of dispenser electronics released in any Wayne dispenser product...ever. “The new electronics platform offers the same backward compatibility you'd expect from a Wayne product. At the same time it has horsepower and technology that makes this dispenser practically future proof,” said Dan Harrell Director of Engineering for Wayne Systems & Electronics. “For instance, it supports connecting to anything from a legacy POS over RS485 to a mainframe over Ethernet Wirelessly, even both at the same time!”

Apart from offering a technology base that supports multiple communication standards, the iX Electronics are also the foundation for an exciting array of new products specifically designed to enhance the overall profitability of typical retail petroleum stations today. “iSenseTM remote diagnostics is like having a technician at the site 24/7/365,” said Mr. Harrell. “Self-Diagnostics, technician dispatch and even resetting the pump is an automated process. iSenseTM improves your dispenser uptime and improves serviceability by providing the right information to the people who can take action on it from almost anywhere in the world.”

iDPOS on the other hand, builds sophisticated software, usually associated with a POS, directly in every dispenser at the site. Lose your credit card network, or even sever a communication cable, and this technologically advanced dispenser keeps pumping. All it needs is power.

The Ovation iX not only helps reduce costs, it has a new product aimed at improving the top line for retailers as well. iMedia helps to promote your brand and premium fuels, sell more in-store products and make stations simply more user friendly. With iMedia, the campaigns running on your dispenser screens can replace pump toppers and printed materials. “The typical coffee and donut or car wash special runs on a small graphics display for months, if not years, without changing. Customers have long since tuned these out. But iMedia allows you an easy way to re-engage your customers with new graphics and advertisements, or entertain with news, weather and sports scores. It is simple and easy to use right from the day your dispensers are installed,” said Karen Turner, Wayne Product Manager for Dispenser Systems.

Dresser Wayne will attend the NACSTech Convention on May 17th and 18th in Nashville, Tennessee. Visit the Wayne booth, #419, at NACSTech to learn more about the innovation of Ovation iX.

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