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Wayne Installs First CNG Dispenser with Integrated Payment Capabilities

  • Wayne Vista™ CNG dispenser Installed at McShan Florist Site in Dallas.
  • New Dispenser Offers Same Look and Feel and Payment Options as Petroleum Dispensers.
  • Wayne Technology Helps Site Owners Take Advantage of Fleet Fuel Savings.

Austin, Texas - November 27, 2012 — Wayne, A GE Business (NYSE: GE) and global innovator of fuel dispensers and technologies, today announced the first installation of its CNG (compressed natural gas) dispenser with in-dispenser payment capabilities (i.e. pay-at-the-pump). The Austin-manufactured dispenser is installed at a McShan florist site in Dallas, Texas, which is a CNG Texas brand fueling station. The Wayne Vista™ CNG dispenser allows CNG station owners to have the same look and feel and payment options that petroleum dispensers offer their customers, creating a familiar fueling experience.

“With CNG savings of up to $2/gallon over gas and diesel, plus government incentives for CNG vehicles and infrastructure, fleets should be investigating converting to CNG,” said Lynn Laughlin, president, CNG Station Contractors LLC and operator of the McShan Florist site. “After spending several months researching less satisfactory dispenser options, we found the new Wayne design and jumped at the opportunity to deploy it. Wayne solutions and innovations address the growing dispenser needs of the increasing CNG market which is taking advantage of these fleet fuel savings.”

The Vista CNG dispenser provides the same payment terminal, dispenser interfaces and PCIcompliant (payment card industry) in-dispenser terminal options as Wayne petroleum dispensers in order to facilitate point-of-sale integration.

Wayne is the first manufacturer in North America to offer CNG dispensers with its own integrated pay-at-the-pump options. “Others purchase the terminal and dispenser frame separately and upfit it with their CNG dispenser electronics and gas components,” said Tom Glahn, director of fleet sales, Wayne. “Wayne is a familiar and established supplier of complete fuel dispensing solutions, allowing customers the comfort of a recognizable interface for making their purchase with an easy-to-use payment terminal.”

To allow the use of a payment terminal in a CNG dispenser, other designs use an air purge system to continuously change the air in the CNG electronics area to a non-hazardous zone; however, this system can create an air space that can be humid, dirty and cold, all of which are enemies of electronics. Wayne’s solution uses a special isolated electronics design and venting to eliminate the need for a purge system and its potential problems, including extra cost for fan and piping and maintaining pressurization.

In addition to fueling the 25 McShan CNG delivery vans that travel throughout seven Metroplex counties, the McShan Florist site also fuels the general public. The Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) road tour, “Green Across America,” is traveling the U.S. to promote NGV usage. On October 26, the McShan Florist installation site was the selected Dallas fueling stop on the NGV tour, and the natural gas powered car refueled with the Wayne Vista CNG dispenser.

About Wayne Fueling Systems

Wayne Fueling Systems is one of the world’s largest suppliers of fuel dispensers, payment terminals, forecourt control devices, point-of-sale and other measurement and control solutions to the retail and commercial fueling industry. Wayne has been at the forefront of innovation since it was founded in 1891 and is responsible for many of the breakthrough technologies that have transformed fuel retailing. Through a global network of distributors and service partners, Wayne products are sold and supported in over 140 countries around the world. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Wayne also has major design and assembly operations in Sweden, Brazil and China.