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Innovative Dresser Wayne Xflo™ Fuel Meter Shows Benchmark Accuracy in Third-party Testing

Petroleum retailers can reduce recalibrations and capture unrealized fuel revenue.

AUSTIN, TX (May 13, 2009) – Dresser Wayne, a global innovator of fuel dispensers and technologies, has published results of third party accuracy testing on the Xflo fuel meter. Findings by the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden ( demonstrate benchmark accuracy during extensive simulations of 15-years and three million gallon (11,356,235 liters) fuel volumes. Offered exclusively in Dresser Wayne fuel dispensers, the Xflo fuel meter enables petroleum retailers and fleet managers to reduce costs attributed to meter drift and increase flow rates to serve more motorist in less time.

The performance testing by the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, an international leader in technology research and certification, confirms that the Xflo fuel meter exhibited no appreciable meter drift at intervals from 30,000 (113,562 liters) to three million gallons (11,356,235 liters). Results indicate an overall performance improvement of 0.1 percent accuracy compared to traditional piston meters. These volumes simulate 15 years of service for a 200,000 gallon (757,082 liters) per month fueling station.

“Until now, fuel retailers accepted the expense associated with meter drift as a necessary cost of doing business,” said Scott Negley, director of Dispenser Marketing for North America. He adds, “The Xflo fuel meter is making it possible for retailers to save hundreds of thousands of dollars by virtually eliminating meter drift. The result is real cost savings in addition to additional revenue gained through the metering and charging of all gas consumed as well as faster flow rates.”

The Xflo fuel meter advancements are based on revolutionary axial dual spindle technology. This innovation addresses a design challenge inherent to piston meters that can result in diminishing meter accuracy. Caused by wear and tear over time, the related meter drift can add up to a significant cost for fuel retailers if left unchecked. In addition to the expense of frequent recalibration required to restore the meter’s accuracy, retailers potentially give away valuable inventory each time a customer refuels, and the fuel that is dispensed is not accurately measured. The Xflo fuel meter offers an opportunity for significant savings for retailers of all volume levels.

The Xflo fuel meter can also help retailers generate more revenue as more customers can be served in a shorter time period. Its dual spindle design also translates to less wear on the meter’s internal components which results in more efficient performance, improving flow rates for faster fueling.


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