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Fusion™ Universal Site Controller Connects Retail Fuel Devices and Sites for Cost-Saving Simplicity

Austin, TX (September 29, 2008) – Fuel retailers now have a seamless, money-saving solution capable of controlling the wide variety of devices they depend on in c-stores and fueling forecourts as Dresser Wayne, a global innovator of retail fuel dispensers and technologies, launches the Fusion™ universal site controller. Created to simplify and consolidate enterprise- wide equipment control as well as expand device functionality, the Fusion controller helps retailers reduce costs and increase profitability.

“Fusion universal site controller provides streamlined control over many devices, even if the equipment is from different vendors,” Tom Chittenden, Systems Product Manager describes. “It also enables remote access and control across multiple sites so retailers can efficiently perform management and configuration tasks in several locations simultaneously.”

The controller eliminates the need for multiple management devices. As a result, it replaces the hassle, expense and space consumption of a large number of control boxes with one solid-state hardware appliance ruggedly built to stand up to harsh retail fuel environments. Plus, with Dresser Wayne’s IP Connect technology, the Fusion controller and its functionality modules can be connected via existing cabling to fuel dispensers eliminating the need for costly rewiring.

Offering consolidated management over the many aspects of retail fueling, the Fusion controller simplifies a wide range of day-to-day functions, from payment security and transaction reporting to point-of-sale functionality and marketing. “Not only does it tie disparate systems together, it helps retailers maximize the capabilities of those systems and make the most of their equipment investments,” Chittenden says.

For instance, the Fusion controller migrates Dresser Wayne POS systems to a global forecourt management platform for low deployment and development costs as well as fast time-to-market. Similarly, it supports multiple non-Dresser Wayne POS platforms and unites them into a cohesive, easily-managed solution. In addition, the Fusion controller centralizes forecourt tasks. It interfaces with many fuel dispenser brands and combines functions including inventory reconciliation, payment system control and fuel flow monitoring.

The Fusion controller’s modularity is another key benefit. It allows retailers to mix and match the right combination of features for their exact requirements. Its exceptional scalability means that more solutions can be added as they are needed. One example is the ability to support multiple dispenser types on the forecourt and have multiple point-of-sale systems in the store.

Plus, the Fusion controller leverages the award-winning iX™ Technology Platform supporting the addition and control of the platform’s powerful functionality modules. These modules include iX Media digital merchandising’s dynamic marketing capabilities that encourage consumers to make high margin in-store purchases. iDPOS™ in-dispenser POS is another module. It keeps the forecourt POS operational in the event that the in-store system goes offline; and iSense™ remote monitoring can be combined with Dresser Wayne service contracts for direct Help Desk support.

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Wayne Fueling Systems is one of the world’s largest suppliers of fuel dispensers, payment terminals, forecourt control devices, point-of-sale and other measurement and control solutions to the retail and commercial fueling industry. Wayne has been at the forefront of innovation since it was founded in 1891 and is responsible for many of the breakthrough technologies that have transformed fuel retailing. Through a global network of distributors and service partners, Wayne products are sold and supported in over 140 countries around the world. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Wayne also has major design and assembly operations in Sweden, Brazil and China.