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Dresser Wayne Technology Helps Zarco 66 Earth Friendly Fuels Go Green

LAWRENCE, KS (July 1, 2008) – Dresser Wayne, a global marketer of retail fuel dispensers and technologies, and Zarco 66 Earth Friendly Fuels celebrated a new landmark in alternative fueling with the grand opening of a sustainable site in Lawrence, Kansas. Congressman Dennis Moore, members of the community and representatives from Dresser Wayne, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the State of Kansas and the Douglas County local government including Mayor Michael Dever were on hand to mark the occasion.

The Zarco 66 location not only dispenses ethanol and biodiesel produced within a 75 mile radius of the facility, the station represents an innovative vision of sustainable construction and energy consumption. Dubbed the “Green Energy Gateway Fuel Station”, the station and coffee shop will serve as a model as the organization establishes standards and guidelines for other retail fuel businesses that want to incorporate green practices. EPA, along with numerous governmental and non-governmental partners, is using the station as a pilot demonstration project. EPA will provide funds to evaluate the energy and pollution reduction benefits of the pilot and plans to develop a framework for other fuel stations that wish to “go green.”

“The advanced alternative fuel technology offered by Dresser Wayne has been an integral part of making this idea a reality,” says Scott Zaremba, president of family-owned Zarco 66. He found that Dresser Wayne Ovation iX™ fuel dispensers were an ideal fit for the site. “The dispensers have the ability to blend alternative fuels precisely and reliably. In fact, the Xflo™ fuel meter utilizes precision engineering to accurately measure every drop of fuel. This makes it possible for me to guarantee a quality product for my customers.”

In addition, the Ovation iX dispensers include the award-winning iX Technology Platform that supports business-building tools such as iX Media digital merchandising. iX Media in-dispenser multimedia enables Zaremba to feature videos educating customers about the benefits of alternative fuels and green initiatives. Zarco 66 also takes advantage of iSense™ remote monitoring to coordinate maintenance efforts which saves money and resources ultimately reducing energy consumption related to multiple maintenance visits.

Zaremba set his sights beyond dispensing alternative fuels to encompass a larger picture of an earth friendly station. “I wanted to build a site in line with the EPA’s four Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle and renew, but building a facility from scratch was cost-prohibitive for an independent retailer. I took an existing site and transformed it into a green location to show others how they can accomplish the same thing within budget.”

During construction, Zaremba reused large rocks that were removed when the existing underground storage tanks were excavated. They are now part of the landscaping. He repurposed the existing concrete by grinding it to use as backfill around the new tanks. Additionally, Zaremba recycled the metal rebar from the concrete and replaced lighting with 105 watt florescent lights. The new site will also use energy from wind turbines and solar panels. Perhaps the most unique aspect of the Zarco 66 alternative fuel station, the roof garden on the coffee shop reduces the urban heat-island effect and storm water runoff. Plus, it filters pollutants and green house gases from the air.

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