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Dresser Wayne™ Select™ Eco Fuel Series Electronic Fleet Dispenser Receives UL Certification for E85 Fuel

Austin, Texas, USA (May 13, 2011)—Dresser Wayne, a global innovator of fuel dispensers and technologies, today announced that the Select™ Eco Fuel Series electronic fleet fuel dispenser received certification by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) for dispensing fuel that contains up to 85 percent ethanol (E85). This dispenser provides fleet customers an option that enables them to meet federal regulations, as well as various state and local codes that mandate the use of a listed device for dispensing ethanol.

The Select Eco Fuel Series is now listed for the dispensing of gasoline, diesel and alternative fuels, providing fleet fueling sites the ability to convert from conventional fuel to ethanol in the future without replacing dispensers. This flexibility also presents a cost‐effective means for fleets to follow national trends spurred in part by federal mandates to increase the overall production and use of alternative fuels.

“Adaptability is a key part of managing a successful fleet operation,” says Dennis Louwerse, chief executive officer and executive director of the Berks Area Regional Transportation Authority (BARTA), one of the first customers to install the UL‐certified Select dispenser. “This project is in keeping with BARTA’s philosophy of managing for today and planning for tomorrow. We know that we will be able to meet tomorrow’s requirements with the equipment we are installing today.”

The Select Eco Fuel Series dispenser meets UL safety standards for complete ethanol‐dispenser systems with features such as a hydraulic system fuel path constructed of nickel‐plated components and stainless‐steel piping. In addition, the dispenser’s fluid seals contain (or “are made of”) fluorocarbon compounds. All of these materials can withstand the corrosive properties of higher‐ratio ethanol fuel blends such as E85.

“With UL standards for E85 dispensers now firmly in place, local authorities are starting to strictly enforce the listing requirement for dispensers handling ethanol,” says Tom Glahn, director of sales, Dresser Wayne Fleet Fueling Group. “It is important for us to provide our fleet customers with dispensers that meet these standards so that they can safely expand their use of alternative fuels.”

The Dresser Wayne Select Eco Fuel Series fuel dispenser includes many additional features that help fleet managers efficiently operate their fueling sites. For example, Dresser Wayne’s iGEM electronics support convenient, single‐step electronic‐meter calibration, and the proportional valve enables fleet customers to set flow rates within limits set by the Environmental Protection Agency. The Select dispenser also has pulse output and serial interfaces that support communication between the dispenser and popular fleet fuel‐control systems.

The Dresser Wayne product portfolio provides fleet customers with several choices in both electronic and mechanical E85‐compatible dispensers. The Select Series’ UL certification follows the recent UL certification of Reliance® Eco Fuel Series mechanical register dispensers for E85 fleet and retail fueling.


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The Berks Areas Regional Transportation Authority (BARTA) is the principal provider of public transportation services in the City of Reading and Berks County, Pennsylvania. The BARTA system is a fixed‐route system of 21 local bus routes with 59 active buses in operation. It also operates 37 active para‐transit vehicles in the Special Services division. BARTA carries more than 3.2 million passengers annually.