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Dresser Wayne Reliance® E‐Series Dispensers Receive UL Certification for E85 Fuel

AUSTIN, TX (July 13, 2010) – Dresser Wayne (, a global innovator of fuel dispensers and technologies, announced today that its Reliance E‐Series fuel dispensers for retail and fleet applications received Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certification for dispensing ethanol up to E85. The Reliance E‐Series dispenser’s UL certification follows the recent UL certification of the Dresser Wayne Ovation® Eco Fuel retail dispenser, and expands Dresser Wayne’s portfolio of compliant alternative‐fuel offerings for both retail and fleet customers.

Underwriters Laboratories sets safety standards and conducts compliance‐testing on a wide range of products. Complete ethanol‐dispenser systems must meet strict requirements for materials compatibility and safety. In order to dispense ethanol up to and including E85, the equipment must be designed to address ethanol’s corrosive properties. The UL certification for the Reliance E‐Series dispenser offers customers an effective, compliant solution for the delivery of alternative fuels.

“There are a large number of flex‐fuel vehicles in government fleets with renewable fuel requirements, but they often lack the supporting local infrastructure for E85 fueling,” says Scott Negley, director of Alternative Energy Products for Dresser Wayne. “UL certification of our E85 Reliance E‐Series dispensers can make it easier for government and business fleet customers to gain approval from local authorities for the installation of E85 fleet‐fueling facilities.”

Reliance E‐Series fuel dispensers are available in several configurations for application versatility. The Reliance E/G6200 dispenser series includes heavy‐duty features for general private‐fleet fueling, while the rugged Reliance E/G5200 dispenser series has a mechanical volume‐ and price‐register for economical retail fueling. The Reliance S1 E/G6101 shelf‐ mounted dispenser is specially designed for fleet‐fueling from above‐ground storage tanks.

UL’s certification of the Reliance E‐Series dispenser for E85 expands upon its interim approval of the dispenser for E25 ethanol blends earlier this year.

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