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Dresser Wayne Releases New Product to Enable Dispenser Connectivity for EMV™ Compliance over Existing Wiring

The Wayne Connect™ IP-485  Moves Data across RS-485, Twisted-Pair Wire at TCP/IP Speeds.

Austin, TX (March 22, 2011) — Dresser Wayne (, a global leader in vehicle energy-dispensing technologies, is helping Canadian fuel retailers meet global EMV™ data-compliance requirements with its newest product, the Wayne Connect™ IP-485℠. The Wayne Connect IP-485 allows retailers to use their existing twisted-pair wire infrastructure with a 485 serial protocol to move large data packets to  and from the dispenser at the faster, IP-protocol speed.

Also known as “smart cards,” EMV payment cards contain embedded microprocessors that store large amounts of data, and are protected by several security features designed to enhance the protection of customers from payment-card fraud.  To comply with the EMV global standard, fuel retailers must provide EMV- approved payment terminals on the forecourt.  This technology entails transmission of large data packets from the outdoor payment terminal to the indoor point-of-sale system, larger than those of a traditional, magnetic-stripe terminal. To compensate for the increased data load associated with EMV transactions, fuel retail sites often have had to make significant investments to replace existing cabling and wiring. With the Wayne Connect IP-485, fuel retailers can reduce construction costs and enable secure EMV transactions at IP-speed across their existing IT infrastructures.

“Enhanced payment-security is necessary with today’s sophisticated hacking and  data-theft schemes, and EMV chip technology is continuing to advance consumer data protection,” said Tom Chittenden, a global product manager for Dresser Wayne. “The Wayne Connect IP-485 allows adopters of EMV to use the faster Dresser Wayne IP protocol without the significant expense of tearing up concrete to pull CAT5 cabling.”

The Wayne Connect IP-485 consists of an in-store box, called “Wayne Connect IP-  485/S,” which connects to the retailers’ POS systems, and an in-dispenser module,   referred to as “Wayne-Connect IP-485/D,” which retrofits to the fuel dispenser and transmits data across the site’s existing RS-485, twisted-pair wiring.

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