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Dresser Wayne Pignone Primed To Help UK Petrol Retailers Meet Looming Emission Standards

With the clock ticking down until strict new air quality regulations take effect, UK petrol retailers know that the future of their businesses could very well depend on the vapour recovery equipment they choose.

That’s why Dresser Wayne Pignone’s Petrol Vapour Recovery stage II (PVR II) equipment is designed to provide solutions that not only allow UK fuel retailers to achieve compliance with the impending regulations, but also to stay in compliance. Dresser Wayne Pignone has already successfully helped major continental petroleum retailers implement PVR II systems to meet new EU standards. The company has maintained a UK office since 1924.

“Our goal is to provide our customers both cutting-edge technology and exceptional after- market support,” says David Kerr, UK Managing director for Dresser Wayne Pignone. “Not only do we have an exceptional PVR II solution, we also have extensive experience meeting the specific needs of the UK market — we’ve been serving it for over 80 years, after all. When the stakes are this high, we know our customers simply cannot afford to take chances. With our products, they don’t have to.”

The new government emissions policy stems from an extensive study conducted by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). Responding to increasing concerns about the atmospheric effects of petrol-related volatile organic compounds (VOCs), the regulations require existing service stations with an annual petrol throughput greater than 3500 m3 to install PVR II controls by Jan. 1, 2010. All new service stations that dispense more than 500 m3 of petrol annually must also conform to the new requirements.

Despite the obvious environmental benefits, the wholesale adoption of PVR II controls represents a major investment for British service stations — and a sizable risk.

“It’s absolutely critical that petroleum retailers choose wisely when selecting a PVR II system,” says Kerr. “Non-compliance with the new standards for whatever reason — faulty equipment, installation problems, incompatibility with the pump — can result in major economic hardship, including fines and potentially forced closure. More than just a vapour recovery system, you’re choosing a vapour recovery partner.”

Dresser Wayne Pignone’s PVR II system can capture up to 100 percent of the VOC vapours that would otherwise escape by collecting them in a specially designed vapour recovery nozzle, then channelling them through the pump hose into an underground storage tank. The system is compatible with both Dresser Wayne and third-party fuel dispensers and can be retrofitted onto most existing pumps without the need for OEM parts. “The Dresser Wayne Pignone dispenser is a field-proven, battle-tested system,” says Kerr. “It offers both precise, reliable performance as well as some innovative features designed to help fuel retailers control costs and maximize uptime.”

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