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Dresser Wayne Pignone Launches EMV Terminal for Italian Petroleum Retailers

MODENA, ITALY (April 21, 2006) – Motorists have a new easy-to-use and more secure way to pay for petrol thanks to the latest unattended payment terminal by Dresser Wayne Pignone. The TPB/CA EMVTM terminal was unveiled at the Oil&nonoil 2006 exhibition in Modena, Italy April 8 - 11, 2006. The terminal offers increased durability, usability and security for petroleum retailers and pay-at-island customers and meets the latest standards for terminal security. These standards include EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa), PCI - VisaPED (Payment Card Industry-Visa Pin Entry Device) and Microcircuito.

"Dresser Wayne Pignone has created a total payment solution to make adhering to new security standards an easy step for our customers. This includes the TPB/CA EMVTM terminal on the island, an EMV compliant indoor payment terminal and Dresser Wayne Pignone's EUROSINPTM Retail Automation System," said Raffaele Pera, project manager for Dresser Wayne Pignone.

The Dresser Wayne Pignone EMV terminal also integrates seamlessly with most third party management systems if required and offers improved usability through features that include a magnetic reader, a vandal-resistant contact-less or chip-based reader. It also boasts a backlit graphics display and includes technology from KFI/Globalcom, one of the leading providers of electronic payment solutions in Italy.

"As part of Dresser Wayne Pignone's commitment to the Italian market and our customers, the TPB/CA EMV terminal is not only available for new applications, but also as an easy-to-upgrade retrofit kit for existing TPB Terminal customers. This helps to protect investments existing customers may have already made for payment terminals," said Stefano Olcese, sales and service director of the Mediterranean region for Dresser Wayne Pignone.

Created for petrol stations, convenience stores and supermarkets that need a compact, secure and durable pay-at-pump terminal, the Dresser Wayne Pignone TPB/CA EMV Terminal is made to withstand the demands of the outdoor forecourt environment.

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