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Dresser Wayne Payment Security Enhancements Receive PCI And Interac Certifications

Austin, TEXAS (December 12, 2007) – Continuing its tradition of industry leadership, the Dresser Wayne fuel dispenser secure payment solution is the first to receive Version 2.0 security standard certifications for both the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Encrypting PIN Pad (EPP) Security Requirements and the Interac Association Chip PED Technical Specifications and Testing Requirements (TSTRs).

Administered by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, the PCI EPP Security Requirements are designed to secure personal identification number (PIN)-based transactions globally. They apply to unattended terminals such as automated fuel dispensers that accept PIN entry for all PIN- based transactions. Similarly, the Interac Association requirements assure the security of debit transactions being processed on the Interac national payment network, which allows Canadians to access their funds through automated banking machines and point-of-sale terminals across Canada.

“As the industry is strengthening regulations to protect consumers from increasingly sophisticated methods of identity theft and fraud, fuel retailers are finding it a challenge to keep pace with these changes,” says Tim Weston, product manager of payment technologies for Dresser Wayne. “Our goal is to help our customers make the transition as seamlessly and cost effectively as possible. Bringing products to market that are compliant with the latest versions of these standards provides longevity for equipment deployments and enhances the investments being made by our customers.”

Dresser Wayne contracted the services of EWA-Canada to perform the evaluation of the new secure payment solution. They are one of only a few evaluation laboratories approved to evaluate products against both the PCI and Interac standards.

"As the first payment device world-wide to achieve a PCI 2.0 approval, Dresser Wayne's device is at the leading edge of a new generation of pay-at-the-pump solutions," said Paul Zatychec, Director EWA-Canada. "Payment solutions such as Dresser Wayne’s will greatly improve the security of credit and debit payments while simplifying and enhancing the cardholder experience." Dresser Wayne is also the first to receive Interac Association’s Version 2.0 certification under its newly-defined category for unattended terminals.

As a result, Dresser Wayne customers can begin to ensure dispenser compliance with both organizations’ latest payment terminal security regulations.

Designed to provide enhanced security and ease-of-use, the payment security components will be available as a modular solution for easy implementation in Dresser Wayne Vista, Ovation and Ovation iX fuel dispensers. To be offered as an option group for new dispensers and as a retrofit kit for existing dispensers, the secure payment solution leverages Dresser Wayne’s award-winning iX Technology Platform for increased security and advanced marketing and dispenser management capabilities.

Additionally, the secure payment solution will be available in configurations that support both traditional magnetic-stripe based transactions as well as Chip and PIN smartcard payment methods. The solution features industry leading designs for its secure encrypting hybrid keypad and card reader, including active tamper response mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access and removal of the devices from the fuel dispenser.

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