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Dresser Wayne Ovation® Eco fuel dispenser receives UL certification for E85 fuel

AUSTIN, TX (June 24, 2010) – Dresser Wayne (, a global innovator of fuel dispensers and technologies, announced today that its Ovation® Eco Fuel dispenser has been certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for E85. The Ovation Eco Fuel dispenser is one of the first UL‐approved alternative‐fuel dispensers, and further illustrates Dresser Wayne’s commitment to green refueling technologies.

“As alternative fuels become more widely accepted, we are developing the infrastructure necessary to support our retailers as they add these fuels to their product offerings,” explains Scott Negley, director of Alternative Energy Products for Dresser Wayne, “Receiving UL approval for E85 is an important and exciting step in that direction.”

Underwriters Laboratories sets safety standards, conducts testing, and provides certification for a wide range of products, including complete ethanol‐dispenser systems, which must be designed to address the corrosive properties of ethanol. This UL certification signifies that the Ovation Eco Fuel dispenser meets stringent materials‐compatibility and safety criteria for dispensing ethanol up to and including E85. This certification helps ensure that E85 retailers are in compliance with industry standards and can confidently offer cost‐effective, earth‐friendly fuels to their customers.

In addition to its UL certification, the Ovation Eco Fuel dispenser features the industry‐leading Xflo™ Meter, which offers unparalleled accuracy. The Ovation’s customer‐inspired design provides a seamless, intuitive fueling experience and other user‐friendly benefits such as an ATM‐style soft‐key interface, clutter‐free side‐drape hoses, and fast fueling rates.

UL’s approval of the Ovation Eco Fuel dispenser for E85 expands upon its interim approval of the dispenser for E25 ethanol blends earlier this year. Approval for E85 blending, which supports mid‐level ethanol blends, is expected to follow shortly.

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