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Dresser Wayne iMeter Gains MID Approval for Eco-Fuel Metering Technology

MALMÖ, SWEDEN (August, 12th 2008) – Dresser Wayne, a global marketer of retail fuel dispensers and technologies, announced today that the National Weights and Measures Laboratory has granted Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) approval for the Dresser Wayne iMeter. The approval was given specifically for the piston fuel meter’s use in metering Rapeseed-Oil Methyl Ester (RME), a biodiesel fuel gaining traction as motorists seek alternatives to petroleum.

The MID approval is another positive step forward for Dresser Wayne as the company continues to introduce eco-fuel compatible products to the market. “Alternative fuel interest and use is growing worldwide. Consequently, fuel retailers are tasked with making these fuels available to consumers,” Nicola Marchesi, Dispensers Product Manager at Dresser Wayne says. “We are developing technologies that make it easy for our retail customers to incorporate eco-fuels into their product offerings, and we’re ensuring that these new products are in compliance with applicable laws and standards.”

The MID is a European Directive that covers a number of different measuring instruments including fuel dispensers. MID establishes a single standard for measuring devices to the benefit of manufacturers and consumers across Europe.

A standard component in Dresser Wayne dispensers, the iMeter features an innovative duplex design and advanced hydraulics to accurately measure fuel while facilitating a fast flow rate. The iMeter’s durable coating on its internal surfaces can handle potentially abrasive or corrosive alternative fuels. “Not only does this approval validate that the iMeter piston meter can be used in Dresser Wayne fuel dispensers to dispense alternative biodiesel products in accordance with new European Weights and Measures laws,” Marchesi adds. “It also highlights that the iMeter’s superior accuracy goes beyond petroleum to include eco-fuels.”

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