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Dresser Wayne Fuel Meter Sets New Standard for Accuracy

Revolutionary Xflo™ Meter helps retailers save potentially thousands of litres of lost fuel.

MALMO, SWEDEN (January 16, 2007) – For fuel retailers across Europe, high petroleum prices only re-emphasize the need for a reliable, accurate fuel meter. Inaccurate meters mean petrol station pumps could literally be giving away fuel to customers, costing a site thousands of euros each year. With Dresser Wayne's new XfloTM Meter, which was launched this week for European customers, that problem could be a thing of the past.

"Dresser Wayne has always prided itself in developing innovative technologies that provide significant, tangible benefits for our customers," said Dresser Wayne's Nicola Marchesi, product manager for dispensers in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. "The Dresser Wayne Xflo Meter offers potentially dramatic savings, particularly for large or high-volume sites. The Xflo Meter has also obtained Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) EC Type Certificate No. 10 70 21 issued by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden and can be commercialized in Europe in line with the new MID directive."

When positive displacement piston meters were introduced some 50 years ago, they represented a huge leap in metering accuracy. They remain the industry standard today, but even their most vocal advocates cannot deny that they are not perfect, particularly as they age.

Over time the many moving parts in piston meters suffer wear, causing inaccurate fuel measurement. As a result fuel retailers must regularly spend maintenance funds taking pumps out of service for re- calibration.

With the launch of Dresser Wayne's new Xflo Meter in early 2007, fuel retailers across Europe have a new option: a fuel meter that does not depend on the traditional piston displacement design. Freed from the limitations of that traditional model, the Dresser Wayne Xflo Meter is not only demonstrably more accurate, it is also considerably faster (up to 30% faster than comparable piston models).

The Xflo Meter features a unique combination of tandem, hardened bearing screw rotors in a compact, durable housing. The revolutionary design, which incorporates multiple calibration points, allows the meter to handle millions of liters of fuel over its lifetime without drifting significantly from its preset factory tolerance. It is capable of handling a wide range of flow conditions, fluid temperatures, densities and viscosities, and any quality of fuel being used with traditional piston meters today. The Xflo Meter retains some of the most highly regarded features of Dresser Wayne's popular iMeter, including its duplex housing design and single-step electronic calibration.

The Xflo Meter's plug-and-play form factor is also compatible with the iMeter's hydraulic design, facilitating future retrofit possibilities.

"It was extremely important to us that there be a seamless transition to this new technology," said Marchesi. "Fuel retailers can rest assured that there are no hidden costs or drawbacks to using the Xflo Meter. Their customers won't notice any change, except that refueling may take a little less time than before. But the fuel retailers themselves will certainly notice - and appreciate - the savings they will see in lower maintenance costs and improved accuracy."

Since 2001, Dresser Wayne, a division of Dresser, Inc., has been testing the Xflo technology with 3,000 Xflo Meters installed in sites throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland and Sweden. Extensive laboratory tests have confirmed the results from the field: the meters maintain factory tolerance to a degree unattainable by most traditional piston meters.

"The success and positive response from our customers to the field tests in particular have been overwhelming," said Jorge Mendez, Dresser Wayne vice president of international sales. "It's clear that retailers feel the Dresser Wayne Xflo Meter promises a great deal - and then delivers admirably on those promises. That's not always true of new technologies, but the numbers don't lie: the Xflo Meter has excelled in both the lab and the field. It is faster, more accurate and more reliable than its competitors, and retailers we've talked to are very excited about its potential impact on their profitability."

Following its debut at the 2006 Automechanika Show in Frankfurt, the Xflo Meter has attracted more attention from fuel retailers across Europe. It is currently compatible with Dresser Wayne's Global StarTM fuel dispensers. The company also plans to adapt it in the future for use with ethanol, propane and ultra high capacity applications, and it will be available for order with U.S. Ovation® models in March.

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