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Dresser Wayne First to Receive Payment Card Industry PIN Transaction Security 3.0 Certifications

Dresser Wayne Continues to be the World Leader in Fuel‐Retail Data Security Advancements.

Austin, Texas (October 4, 2010) – Dresser Wayne, a global innovator of fuel dispensers and technologies, today announced that its iX Pay™ Secure Payment solution is the world’s first solution to receive Payment Card Industry PIN Transaction Security (PCI PTS) version 3.0 certification for Encrypting PIN Pad (EPP) keypad devices. While many competitive fuel‐retail payment solutions are still approved only to 2004 standards, which were based on payment security attack practices identified more than six years ago, Dresser Wayne’s significant win provides fuel retailers with the most current and advanced payment security available. The PCI PTS 3.0‐compliant iX Pay Secure Payment solution helps protect consumers and retailers from increasingly sophisticated data fraud methods. It also provides industry‐ leading equipment investment protection by offering compliance through 2020, and even longer with upgrades.

This landmark announcement further demonstrates Dresser Wayne’s commitment to payment security technology leadership. Dresser Wayne was the first to deliver a PCI EPP version 2.0‐compliant solution to the global market in 2007, and continues to lead the industry in similar technology advancements with other developments such as its recently announced Limited Functionality Mode (LFM) feature in the iX Pay Secure Payment solution. The first capability of its kind, LFM maintains functionality for secure processing of non‐PIN payment transactions, even when the EPP is disabled as a result of tampering.

“Payment security threats are growing at an alarming rate. As an industry, we need to go beyond meeting minimum compliance criteria. We need to stay ahead of the curve in protecting consumers and businesses from identity theft and financial crime,” says Tim Weston, Dresser Wayne payment technologies product manager. “Unlike competitors scrambling to bring version 2.0 solutions to market before PCI retires that specification, we’ve designed our security solutions to incorporate the latest technology in payment‐data protection, to anticipate and evolve with regulations instead of reacting to them.”

In addition, Dresser Wayne has received the world’s first PCI Unattended Payment Terminal (UPT) version 3.0 certifications for the Ovation®, Vista™ and Tokheim® Premier fuel dispensers. As a result, fuel retailers can benefit from enhanced security for credit card transactions as well as PIN‐based debit cards. The PCI PTS UPT‐approved configurations feature Dresser Wayne’s newly released secure magnetic‐stripe card reader that encrypts payment data from the moment a customer swipes his or her   card. Like the company’s current secure hybrid EMV chip card reader, the magnetic‐stripe reader transmits data securely between terminal components, and is capable of supporting financial networks’ end‐to‐end data encryption.

“Financial data theft is a serious issue for all retailers, but for C‐store retailers with outside fuel dispensers accessible to the public at all times, the problem can be compounded by a range of factors. It needs to be addressed from many different angles,” Weston says.

The iX Pay secure payment solution incorporates a multi‐level approach to protecting data, including Triple‐DES encryption algorithms, built‐in keypad privacy shields, tamper‐responsive mechanisms and unauthorized device‐removal protection, along with many other innovative security features. Its “full‐ travel keys” have the additional benefit of preventing the use of keypad data skimmers.

Moreover, it is a built on the upgradeable iX™ Technology Platform, a single, global foundation that supports various configurations to meet regional requirements as well as additional security enhancements, which can minimize the costs of ongoing compliance with ever‐evolving payment‐ security standards. The iX Pay Secure Payment solution’s robust security features are not only PCI PTS 3.0‐compliant, but also have achieved certification to other major global payment security standards, such as EMV 4.2 for chip‐based payment cards, Canadian Interac 2.0 and Pan‐Nordic Card Association (PNC) UPT regulations.

To learn more about the iX Pay secure payment solution, visit Dresser Wayne at the NACS Show 2010 in Atlanta, GA, USA, October 5—8, booth 537.

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