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Dresser Wayne and Microsoft® Demonstrate Drivers’ Ability to Download Music and More at the Pump

The “Future of Fueling” Showcased at 2007 International CES.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA (January 8, 2007) – Global fuel dispenser manufacturer Dresser Wayne is joining the Microsoft® Automotive Business Unit at the 2007 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to demonstrate how consumers can wirelessly transfer music to their car while pumping gas.

The Dresser Wayne Ovation²® iXTM fuel dispenser is an Internet-ready, WiFi-capable gas pump with a 15-inch touchscreen and speakers, which enables the transfer of media content to other WiFi-enabled devices. The demonstration at CES will feature a Microsoft Windows® Automotive-enabled Alpine Electronics stereo and navigation system installed in a Lincoln Navigator. As part of the demo, audio files will be purchased and downloaded from the Dresser Wayne fuel dispenser to a compatible media device (cell phone or entertainment system) and then played through the Alpine IVA-W200 stereo system installed in the vehicle.

The Dresser Wayne fuel dispenser, Alpine Electronics stereo and navigation system and cell phone all easily integrate via their common Microsoft Windows® CE platform, .NET framework and Bluetooth interface. Microsoft and Dresser Wayne, recently recognized as the Microsoft Windows® Embedded OEM Partner of the Year for 2006, are bringing exciting new experiences for consumers and retailers. The demo of this live integration offers a first glimpse into one of many examples showcasing a vision for the future of fueling and the power of technology.

"Windows CE is powering a wide range of mobile and embedded devices allowing consumers to stay connected wherever they are," said Walter Sullivan, lead program manager, Microsoft Automotive Business Unit. "This leading platform enables for a high-level of rich integration scenarios across a wide array of devices and is helping lead the way toward bringing new experiences at the pump and beyond."

In addition to demonstrating the ability to wirelessly transfer audio files in real-time from its latest Ovation² iX fuel dispenser to Microsoft Windows Automotive-enabled devices at the show; Dresser Wayne will also highlight iX Media Enterprise, the dispenser's software application that supports audio and video functions. In addition to offering real-time Internet news headlines, traffic information and weather reports on its VGA screen, the fuel dispenser also provides customers with customized, full- motion video promotions and specials while they fill up. Consumers even have the option to print coupons for special offers, such as for a discount on a cup of coffee or even a much needed oil change. These innovative features are consumer-friendly thanks to the dispenser's Windows CE Platform, which enables it to run familiar, native applications such as Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player.

"Working with Microsoft has enabled us to bring unrivaled innovations to consumers the gas pump. With our latest fuel dispenser and Windows CE-based applications, consumers can now be more productive and enjoy some of the same online luxuries right at the pump that used to be confined to their PC," said Dan Harrell, vice president of Global Product Architecture for Dresser Wayne. "What was recently a mere concept is now becoming a reality in which consumers can experience a new world of interactive fueling, whether it's downloading media, getting printed directions, or reading the latest news headlines while filling their tanks."

The demonstration of the Ovation² iXTM fuel dispenser will take place Jan. 8 - 11, at Microsoft's Automotive Business Unit booth, Central Plaza CP-12, at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Availability The Dresser Wayne Ovation iX fuel dispenser with a 10.4-inch VGA screen is now available for petroleum retailers in North America, and soon to be available globally. The larger 15-inch interactive touch screen showcased at CES will also be available later this year. For more information, visit The demo described here is possible on both models. For fuel retailers across Europe, high petroleum prices only re-emphasize the need for a reliable, accurate fuel meter. Inaccurate meters mean petrol station pumps could literally be giving away fuel to customers, costing a site thousands of euros each year. With Dresser Wayne's new XfloTM Meter, which was launched this week for European customers, that problem could be a thing of the past.

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