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Dresser Wayne And Blue 1 Sign EMEA Adblue Distribution Deal

MALMÖ, Sweden ( June 12th, 2007) - Dresser Wayne announced that it has reached an agreement with Blue 1. Blue1 is a leading Belgian company that sells industrial AdBlue-solutions. This agreement will enable Blue 1 to become a distributor for Dresser Wayne’s AdBlue products throughout the EMEA region.

“We are excited by this development as it will enable both parties to provide customized solutions to our customers thought Europe,” said Jorge Mendez, Dresser Wayne’s Vice President of International Sales. “It utilizes each company’s strengths to achieve mutual growth in this very important market.”

Under the terms of the agreement, both Dresser Wayne and Blue 1 will jointly leverage their experience and will be the first in Europe to offer a complete industrial and commercial product line to be named “Global Star Blue1 Solutions.”

AdBlue is a non-hazardous urea solution that is added directly into a vehicle’s exhaust gas flow through a Selected Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system. There it breaks down harmful nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions into nitrogen gas (N2) and water. AdBlue has rapidly gained in popularity in Europe as fuel retailers seek to abide by the EU’s new Euro 4 standards, which limit the amount of N2O emitted from trucks and buses to no more than 2 grams per kilowatt hour. An even stricter set of emission standards, Euro 5, will take effect in 2009.

“Dresser Wayne is dedicated to helping create and promote environmentally responsible fueling solutions,” says Mendez. “Pollution-control additives like AdBlue and alternative fuels like E85 or LPG offer potentially significant benefits for European consumers, and we want to be at the forefront of those efforts.” Dresser Wayne is the only company in the market to offer a truly integrated product line, the Global Star™ fuel dispenser, designed especially for alternative “green” fuels like AdBlue, CNG, LPG, E85 and BioDiesel. Thousands of Global Star dispensers have already been installed worldwide.

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