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Dresser Wayne Achieves Record Sales of PCI‐Compliant iX Pay™ Secure‐Payment Solutions

Dresser Wayne meets unprecedented demand in response to July 1st payment‐security mandate.

Austin, Texas (August 12, 2010) ‐ Dresser Wayne, a global innovator of fuel dispensers and technologies, announced today that sales of iX Pay Secure Payment solutions reached record numbers as fuel retailers raced to meet the July 1st Payment Card Industry (PCI) Encrypting PIN Pad (EPP) Triple‐DES implementation deadline. By anticipating the demand for PCI‐compliant dispenser payment systems and upgrade kits, Dresser Wayne has been able to help retailers continue to meet their obligations in the face of a changing regulatory landscape.

As security threats increase, so do the risks to fuel retailers—not only in having to meet more stringent payment regulations, but also in protecting their reputations and brand integrity in the face of sophisticated hacking schemes that target consumer payment information. Retailers that were not able to meet the PCI EPP Triple DES standards by the July 1st deadline are now subject to fines for noncompliance; and retailers who have suffered security breaches are often subject to costly litigation.

“Retailers can not afford to wait for regulation‐compliant equipment,” Bill Reichhold, vice president of Dresser Wayne U.S. Sales says. “That’s why we engineered our payment systems with technology that often exceeds regulations. We began preparing for the PCI EPP Triple DES encryption standards years ago and have helped thousands of fuel sites meet this year’s deadline. Unlike competitors who are offering gap insurance while retailers wait for their payment systems, we are continuing to reliably ship compliant payment solutions to meet market demand.”

The Dresser Wayne iX Pay Secure Payment solution offers one of the highest levels of security available in the industry. It includes advanced security features such as multiple Triple‐DES encryption algorithms and tamper‐responsive mechanisms that help keep data secure from the moment a customer swipes a card or enters information via the keypad. Its “full‐travel keys” have the additional benefit of preventing the use of keypad data skimmers. These robust security features meet or exceed not only PCI EPP 2.0 requirements but also have led to certification of the iX Pay Secure Payment solution to several global payment security standards, such as EMV 4.2 for chip‐based payment cards, Canadian Interac 2.0 and Pan‐Nordic Card Association (PNC) Unattended Payment Terminal (UPT) regulations. Moreover, the iX™ Technology upgradeable platform supports the addition of future security enhancements, which can help minimize the costs of ongoing compliance in a fast‐moving regulatory environment.

The iX Pay Secure Payment solution is part of Dresser Wayne’s comprehensive approach to forecourt security. Dresser Wayne fuel dispensers help protect fuel inventories as well as financial information. They feature large bezel doors so intruders can not reach internal components without detection, and   also have a separate door for each frequently accessed component. The dispensers support secure door locks that help prevent unauthorized entry, and the Xflo™ fuel meter features a tamper‐resistant design to deter fuel theft.

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