Wayne Fueling Systems Integrity


For well over a century, Wayne has been an industry leader, dedicated to our customers, and committed to delivering the highest quality products, services, and technology solutions in the world. HOW we do things is just as important as WHAT we do, and “The Wayne Way” is a reflection of the shared values and principles that have shaped our business and culture over the years and that continue to guide us today.

Wayne’s Code of Business Conduct & Ethics sets the standards that guide our business practices and govern our behavior. The Code is intended as a resource to provide high-level guidance, but our expectation is that all employees and directors, as well as suppliers, distributors, and business partners, will act at all times in accordance with the spirit and the letter of these policies and the underlying values and principles of the Wayne Way: unyielding integrity, innovation and achievement, safety and responsibility, and trust, fairness, and respect.

We are all responsible for protecting and enhancing Wayne’s reputation for integrity, trust, and ethical leadership. Every decision and every act can make a difference in our business, to our customers, and to the communities in which we live and work. We must be accountable for our actions, responsible for their consequences, and proud of doing the “right thing” every time.

This Code is a public statement of Wayne’s commitment to winning with integrity, and a reflection of the core values and principles on which Wayne was built and on which we do business every day.

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics